Is Everything on this website part of PERA ?

No. The principal contributions of PERA to this website include the PERA Master Planning Methodology, and the PERA Enterprise Model. There are, however, many contributions from other individuals and groups.

Some notable contributions include the following:

Subject Material
Concepts describing how to assign Enterprise Architecture "Levels" . Gary Rathwell
Example architectures from different industries Gary Rathwell
Work Processes for Detail Engineering phase Fluor Daniel
Usefull site links Dr. Peter Bernus
Step Introduction Ivo Willems
Work processes and tools for implementing Enterprise Master Plans Gary Rathwell
A "Workbench" approach to providing tools and exchanging information during the engineering and construction phases Gary Rathwell
Concepts for developing a "System Architecture Diagram". This Diagram provides for information flows what a "Process Flow Diagram" or "Material Flow Diagram" does for the flow of materials Gary Rathwell
Techniques for analyzing potential failure modes (and risks) in control, communications and information systems. Gary Rathwell
Techniques to improve information flow between engineering, construction, and operations phases. Gary Rathwell

by Gary Rathwell reserved

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