What is an Enterprise Model ?

In the existing literature, Enterprise Models may also be called Enterprise Architectures, or Enterprise Frameworks. Use of these different terms has led to considerable confusion. On this web site we have used "Enterprise Model" as the preferred terminology. The term "Architecture" will be reserved for logical or physical architectures which are the final result of the enterprise design process.

Enterprise Models are comprised of:

Enterprise Models also include a diagramatic "framework" for structuring information about the enterprise. The PERA "Wind chime" is an example of such a diagram. Perawha1.gif - 2025 Bytes
PLANMIN.GIF - 1742 Bytes Enterprise Methodologies describe the work processes involved in life cycle "phases" such as Master Planning, Design, Construction and Operations. This PERA Master Planning flow diagram is an example of a Methodology used during the Conceptual Engineering Phase.
Enterprise Architectures indicate main functional entities, and how these relate to other items in the architecture. PHYS_ARC_small.gif - 5615 Bytes
Logical Archigecture - 8495 Bytes Software architectures indicate how software and information flows are structured.
Hardware Architectures indicate how computer hardware and networks are structured. Physical Architecture Diagram - 12198 Bytes

Both hardware and software architectures may exist at several levels of detail, the highest being the overall Enterprise Architecture.

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