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Various updates of links, products, and information.
Sept 26, 2002
We have posted a link to purchase and download ANSI/ISA-95.00.02, the second part of the S95 Standard. This part deals with Object Model Attributes and Language Specifications. 
August 25, 2002
Added slides from an API presentation on standardizing XML across the petroleum and pipeline industry.
August 24, 2002
Navigation Bar added to top for the main pages of this website, style cleaned up.
December 6, 2000
Reorganized FAQ's and Documents from various pages across the site, and presented these together on a new horizontal navigation bar on the PERA Home Page. Note "Search" function is still under development, but will have the same "whole site" perspective.
November 26, 2000
Added description of PERA Support & Consulting Services available through Enterprise Consultants and PERA consulting partners.

November 15, 2000
Reorganized and edited 15 PERA Pages in response to user suggestions and comments.
October 29, 2000
Added S.V. Laurents and C. Federl to Credits page, and updated email and web links for previous contributors. >
October 19, 2000
Updated Home Page and added graphics for Stone Soup Page

October 11, 2000
Restructured Standards section and added FAQ Page of Frequently Asked Standards Questions

October 3, 2000
Added information on URL (Unified Modeling Language) to Engineering Tools page.

September 30, 2000
Added additional articles to PERA Documentation Page and restructured links for easier access.

August 3, 2000
Added links to several Dictionaries of Technical Terms in related disciplines including BPR, IT, and EI.

July 24, 2000
Reworked website to accommodate Netscape as well as Internet Explorer browsers.

July 17, 2000
The Conferences section was updated with some new conferences and addition of several external "Conference Calendar" links.
June 30, 2000
The Engineering Tools and Standards sections were considerably expanded, dead links cleaned up, and write-ups improved.
Dec 20, 1999
A new section was added within "Enterprise Integration Principles" to better describe what Enterprise Architecture Diagrams are all about, as well as the concepts of:
Oct 19, 1999
We have been listening to your comments and suggestions. In response, we have completed a major restructuring and expansion of the PERA website with the following objectives:
Oct 25, 1999
We have also expanded the material on enterprise control and information products, however this is still very much a work in progress.

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