Engineering Integration Concepts

The design and implementation of an enterprise must be effectively integrated with Enterprise Systems planning and Human and Organizational development.

PERAWHA1.GIF - 1982 Bytes PERA provides a life cycle model which demonstrates how to integrate Enterprise Systems, Physical Plant Engineering and Organizational Development from enterprise concept to dissolution.

PERA divides the enterprise life cycle into "phases" as follows. At the end of each development phase, a set of "Deliverables" are produced such as those indicated below. Note these deliverables are typical of a process industry facility such as a refinery, power plant, pipeline, etc., however similar deliverables would be produced for a service industry, or descrete manufacturing enterprise. pera_activities.gif - 20507 Bytes

It is vitally important that the interfaces between groups who are designing the enterprise are clearly understood and coordinated. For example, during the Preliminary Engineering Phase, when the manufacturing process is being defined, the control and information systems, and the human roles are also being developed in parallel.
PERA defines the concept of maximum and minimum lines of automation for both the manufacturing facility and the control and information system. The PERA model makes it clear that as levels of automation of physical plant or control and information systems change, the human role is immediately changed. PERAWHA5.GIF - 4362 Bytes

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