Manufacturing Management Control System

Category: Type 1 Model

Comments: Also known as ESPRIT 418

The MMCS (Manufacturing Management Control System) [13] was developed within the ESPRIT Project 418 - Open CAM System, in which the GRAI laboratory was involved. This model is aimed at the problem of Shop and Cell planning and control with well-defined interfaces (see Fig. 4.2). These interfaces transform, where necessary, the external data view into the MMCS view. Via a database, the system is able to interface with the available commercial MRP system at the factory level. The core functions of the MMCS are the Shop and Cell Controllers. Both the controllers have the same structure. They are responsible for the management of jobs, capacities and materials at Shop and Cell Levels respectively.

[13] PROCOS A/S, Functional Model for Shop and Cell Controllers, ESPRIT Project 418, Open CAM Systems, PROCOS A/S, Birkeroed Denmark (November 24, 1988).