Chevron Project Development and Execution Process

This methodology was developed by Chevron to manage their internal projects.  It provides a 5-phase approach to definition and execution of enterprises:

  1. Identify and Assess Opportunities
  2. Generate and Select Alternatives
  3. Develop Preferred Alternatives
  4. Execute
  5. Operate and Evaluate

At each Phase, CPDEP provides good definition of:

This is a well developed project methodology with extensive project application experience in Oil, Petrochemicals, and Chemicals industries.  It has a strong process industry orientation, and takes an "owner's" rather than a "consulting/engineering" perspective to project definition and execution.

CPDEP is proprietary and not in the public domain.  A "CPDEP Assistant" CDROM is available.  For more information contact CPDEP Hotline (975)84CPDEP.