Purdue Reference Model for CIM

This book may be downloaded for free. Copyright statements are included and must be retained.

The Purdue Reference Model for CIM is about 250 pages in length, so we suggest you put it into one or more 3-Ring or 4-Ring binders. You may use a single 2.5" binder if you print (or copy) on both sides of the paper, or a 3" binder with a second 2" binder for the Appendix, if you print single-sided. If you procure a binder with clear "pockets" on the front and spine, you may print color (or black and white) inserts to make your Handbook look more attractive and professional.

This book is currently formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper, so if you wish to print on Metric (A4) paper, be sure to set the "shrink to fit" option in your printer properties.

The document is produced with Adobe Acrobat, so you will require the Acrobat Reader "Plug-in" for your browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer). If you do not have this installed already, you may download this for free by clicking the link above.

Download Purdue Reference Model for CIM

Since this document is approximately 10 Megabytes in size, we have provided it in two versions:

  1. A single file containing the complete document, or
  2. as several files, each containing one Chapter or Section (below)
  3. Binder Cover and Spine

Since the CIM Reference Model is a very large document, we would recommend you begin by printing the table of Contents to verify your printer setup.

If you would like us to send you one or more copies of the CIM Reference Model, please send us an email including your return email address, and we will respond with price and delivery. Note that this will be in the form of a 3-ring binder with printed section dividers to facilitate updating with new sections posted on this web site.

 by Gary Rathwell reserved

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