PERA Reference Model for CIM

Cover and Spine Inserts

Binder cover and spine inserts are available in various file formats and sizes. To get an idea of what they should look like, preview the color version of Cover and Spine inserts from your Browser.

The best alternative is to print on oversize paper (11x17 inch or A3 ) with a color ink jet printer ( over time, laser inks stick to the binder's clear plastic cover ). If you do not have a large format color printer, try a standard color ink jet printer and paste the page to a larger sheet to fit in the binder front pocket.

Since color printing on over size paper can require special setup, we have included several different file formats and physical image sizes as follows.

Note: We are still in the process of converting some of the above formats. If the format you would prefer is not converted yet, check again later.


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