What is the Fluor Daniel/PERA Engineering Methodology ?

The PERA Master Planning Methodology provides the initial phases of the PERA Implementation Methodology, beginning with definition of a potential enterprise (1), and continuing until the Preliminary Engineering Phase (3).  The FD/PERA Engineering Methodology continues from Preliminary Engineering (3) to the end of commissioning of the completed facility (6).  In the future, additional PERA methodologies may be added for Operations and Maintenance through to  Decommissioning (9).

  1. Enterprise Definition and Business Reengineering
  2. Engineering and Project Definition
  3. Preliminary Engineering
  4. Detail Engineering and Programming
  5. Construction and Installation
  6. Acceptance Testing & Commissioning
  7. Operations and Maintenance
  8. Upgrading
  9. Decommissioning

Although Design Methodologies have many elements which are common for all industries, different industries have different requirements and terminology which requires industry specific implentation of both methodologies and architectures. This commonality tends to be greatest at the earliest phases (eg. Master Planning), and becomes more industry specific as design progresses.  Fluor Daniel has accordingly developed a number of variations (Type 1 Methodologies) for example for small "Fast Track" projects, for highly regulated Government projects, etc.

by Gary Rathwell reserved
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