Why Use PERA ?

PERA provides a complete Life Cycle Reference Framework which may be used to guide the Development of an Enterprise Integration or Business Reengineering Project or Program.  As projects get larger and more complex, it becomes more and more important to have a clear plan of how to integrate the increasing numbers of people and organizations that are required.

PERA addresses the Human element in the enterprise in a way that is done by no other enterprise model.  From the PERA model, it is evident that People must "fill the gap" between the physical plant (equipment automation) and the control and information systems (computer automation).  Unless the human role is correctly assessed, the project may not strike the best balance between investment in plant equipment, computer spending, and manpower costs.

Since PERA can be applied in any industry, lessons and learning curve from one industry can benefit the next.

by Gary Rathwell reserved
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