PERA Reference Model Tutorial


PERA stands for Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture

It was developed to provide a "Model" of the Full Enterprise Life Cycle that can be applied to any industry, from oil refineries to discrete manufacturing.

The PERA model is usually represented by a block model that looks like this.

Let's see how this model relates to an Enterprise.


Perawha2.gif - 3.0 K


Every Enteprise Has 3 Main Components

These begin with the initial Definition of an Enterprise, and continue until the eventual Dissolution of the Enterprise.




An Enterprise May be Divided into 8 Phases

Feasibility Study - This includes Enterprise Definition, Market Research, Business Plan, etc.
Enterprise Master Planning - In engineering projects, this phase includes Conceptual Engineering and IT Master Planning. Ideally, these are combined with human and organizational aspects in an Enterprise Master Plan as described in the PERA Master Planning Methodology.
Preliminary Engineering - This includes schematic definitions of plant physical, logical, and human structure (eg. P&ID and System Architecture Diagrams).
Detailed Engineering - This includes physical ( 3 Dimensional ) plant design as well as software configuration and programming. Detailed Engineering phase also includes Procurement of materials and Contracting for services.
Construction - Includes Construction, Installation, Startup and Training, administration of Contracts and receipt of materials and systems. May also include Logistics and Transportation of materials to construction site.
Operations and Maintenance - Includes technical support and upgrades of physical plant and systems. It also includes ongoing retraining of personnel.
Decommissioning - Physical Plant, Control and Information Systems, and Organizations associated with shutdown facilities may be redeployed or declared redundant. In some cases, facilities may be "moth-balled".
Disposal - Includes demobilization or reassignment of personnel, and reassignment or liquidation of assets.


The PERA Model Combines Concepts of:

When these are superimposed, the model looks like this.

Perawha4.gif - 9.7 K
In the course of developing the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture, the detailed structure during initial and final phases of the Enterprise were refined. A set of detailed steps and associated "deliverables" were defined for each phase. Also, during the Feasibility and Conceptual Phases, it was concluded that it was too early to specifically address the "Human and Organizational" Component, and after Decommissioning the Human component of the Enterprise was Demobilized. This resulted in the model above.

by Gary Rathwell reserved

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