Who Developed the PERA Master Planning Methodology ?

The PERA Master Planning Methodology was developed in several stages. 

First, the CIM Reference Model Committee of the International Purdue Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems developed the original CIM Reference Model.  This team published their results in "A Reference Model for Computer Integrated Manufacturing" edited by Theodore J. Williams.

This team also produced the first version of a Master Planning Manual. This manual was only made available to members of the CIM Reference Model Committee and their respective organizations.

In the process of developing and attempting to apply the initial manual, it became clear that significant changes were necessary in the model and in the manual, in order to facilitate wide use in Industry.  A second version of the Master Planning Manual was then undertaken by a smaller group, who restructured the manual, and reduced its volume by approximately half.

Finally, the current version of the Master Planning Handbook was developed, and with this version, the Handbook has been made available on the World Wide Web, and is provided with a "Search Engine" to facilitate rapid reference.   From this point onward, the Handbook will be a "Living Document", with changes made as required to address changes in technology or simply to facilitate ease of use.

by Gary Rathwell reserved
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