Product Information Structure

To locate a hardware or software product, first select an industry ) e.g., Chemicals or Manufacturing. Then select the Enterprise Phase (eg., Detail engineering, or Operations Phase). If the product you are looking for is hardware, it is usually best to select the Service Location where this product is to be used (from the Physical Enterprise Architecture Diagram), or for a software product, select the User Group (from the Organization Chart). Finally select the Hardware type or Software Function. You will then see a list of products which are commonly used in that industry, during that enterprise phase, for that service.

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Control and Information Systems Products may be common across many industries and enterprise phases, or they may be specific to a single industry and enterprise phase. In some cases, it will be worth the reader's time to review products which have been developed for use in other industries, since they may represent innovations or more cost effective solutions which could be more widely applied.


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