The ISA S95 Standard for Enterprise-Control System Integration defines interfaces between applications at the Industrial Control Level and applications at the MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) Level. As such, it bridges the gap between control-level communications which are typically implemented using OPC, and business-level applications using EDI and various B2B standards.

The standard is being defined in "parts" which are being individually released as they are approved.

The official S95 Part 1 standard is defined by ANSI / ISA - 95.00.01-2000, which is currently available from the ISA as follows:

  Description Status Availability
Part 1 Models and Terminology Issued Now
Part 2 Data Structures and Attributes Issued Now
Part 3 Models of Manufacturing Operations Management Issued Now
Part 4 Object Models and Attributes of Manufacturing Operations Management ? ?
Part 5 Business-to-Manufacturing Transactions Issued Now

The S95 standard includes the PERA Reference Architecture for CIM (Appendix 1 of Part 1) and includes concepts from the PERA Handbook for Enterprise Integration.

This standard is explained further in the following presentations:


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