Stone Soup Development Methodology

There is a collaborative development process I call the "Stone Soup"methodology. This method derives from the following story:

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Once upon a time, there was a shortage of food upon the land. People hoarded their foodstuffs and became unsociable. During this time, a peddler came to a small village. As evening fell, he had no food and none was to be found for purchase.

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The enterprising peddler set up a large pot over a fire and filled it with water. All the while, he talked loudly about the wonderful "stone soup" he was going to make. He took from his peddler's cart a velvet bag and withdrew from it a medium sized stone. He put the stone into the water. As he stirred the water, he sniffed it and said "Mmmm, Stone Soup! What a delight! How wonderful!" The townsfolk peered cautiously out their windows at this strange fellow. "There is almost nothing in the world I like more than Stone Soup" he continued. "That is, unless it is Stone Soup with Cabbage! Now there is a really wonderful meal!" Stone03_color.jpg - 12334 Bytes

Well, one townsperson crept from of one of the houses, and said "I have a small cabbage. If I add it to the soup, will you share with me?" "Certainly!" said the peddler, and dropped the cabbage in! The two of them stood in the town square smelling the soup as it began to boil. "You know," said the peddler, "Stone soup with cabbage is a delight, but Stone Soup with cabbage and Carrots! - now there is a REALLY wonderful meal".
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Out came another townsman with some carrots that were added to the pot. This continued with the peddler and his new friends sniffing the pot and thinking of other things to add. More townsfolk came out with their hoarded ingredients and dumped them into the steaming pot.

Soon there was a wonderful stew cooking and there was enough food for everyone. Musicians appeared and there was dancing in the street. The townsfolk and the peddler had a grand time cooking and eating the soup, dancing and celebrating.

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In setting up this Enterprise Integration Web Site, we have provided "a pot to put things in". We hope that others will add ingredients to flavor the mix.

The above narrative was copied from the FORMIS Web Site with the kind permission of Milan Kuchta. Graphics were added by Kevin Anderson.

by Gary Rathwell reserved
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