How are ISO and CEN Enterprise Integration Standards Related ?

The International Stadards Organization established Technical Committee 184 Sub-Committe 5 Working Group 1 (or ISO TC184 SC5 WG1 for short) envisions a set of standards to evaluate a process in terms of :

In addressing these requirements, ISO shares many of the objectives of CEN ENV 40003 (CIMOSA). It was therefore agreed that the two groups would cooperate in development of standards as described below.

Map of ISO and CEN Standards

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ISO Standards

CEN Standards

To promote this cooperation, Jim Nell, NIST, convenor: ISO TC184 SC5 WG1, is a member of CEN TC310 WG1, and David Shorter, convenor CEN TC310 WG1 is a member of ISO TC184 SC5 WG1.

PERA is represented in ISO TC 184 SC5 WG1 by Ted Williams. Gary Rathwell recently joined CEN TC310 WG1 as an "invited expert".

The above information was summarized from material provided by Jim Nell, convenor: ISO TC184 SC5 WG1 ( email: ). Starred items were summarized from material submitted by David Shorter, convenor CEN TC310 WG1 (email: )

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